HDR Efex Pro for Photoshop

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A Photoshop plugin for HDR photography that offers you precise control over highlights, shadows and of course, the level of detail

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HDR Efex Pro for Photoshop as it’s name suggests, is a plugin for the popular editing software that enables you to create images with a high dynamic range.

As a plugin, you need to install it and then run it from within Photoshop. Being and image editing tool, its interface is designed to offer as much space as possible for viewing the source image while still making the controls comprehensive and easy to access.

Since to make a HDR image you normally need multiple shots with negative and positive exposure values, the plugin provides you with tone correction, tonality adjustments and color settings.

Tone compression gives you the basis of the HDR image. From this category you can choose the strength of the compression and of the chosen method. The method is actually given by a combination of adjustment sliders that set the effect strength, level of detail and overall atmosphere of the image.

For impeccable lighting and details, the plugin provides you with the means to adjust the exposure, with the possibility to separate the darks from the highlights and fine tune them individually. Contrast is also key to any high-quality photo and is not disregarded in HDR Efex Pro for Photoshop. You get the same adjustments as you do for exposure. To sum all the adjustments up, can adjust the ‘structure’ parameter which gives you either a soft diffuse look or a highly detailed image.

Adjusting all the detail and color settings until you get the right effect for your photo can take a long while and since they are hard to recreate, you can save all of them as presets. You can then sort them into categories and instantly apply them to newly loaded images.

HDR Efex Pro for Photoshop is definitely a standout plugin for all HDR photography enthusiasts that is capable of delivering results that exceed your expectations.

HDR Efex Pro for Photoshop was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 27th, 2013

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