Innovations Plugins

26 Powerful plug-ins for Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop
Innovations Plugins will provide users with twenty-six powerful plug-ins for Corel Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop etc. They include inverse plugin, color effects, blurs, emboss filter posterization plug-in, shudder etc. All the plugins include 100 Output modes (inverse, tile etc) to further modify the plug-in effect in amazing unique ways.

Apply effects as blurs, sepia, smear, distortions etc. Includes presets / save settings. From the developer of the 'Andrew's Filters' series. PC (Windows Vista and XP etc) 32 bit ONLY. All the plugins include scripting features, and can be combined in saved Photoshop actions to create new stunning effects. Install via plug-ins folder.

Plug-ins included in set:
· Blur fuzzy: Blur and fuzzy mixture plug-in Blurry Photoshop plug-in effect
· Blur shudder: Shake and camera shudder across RGB channels plug-in Shudder plugin effect
· Color add: Add color to a digital image in 1000s of different ways Photoshop plug-in color add gradient effect
· Color coloring set: Color manipulation plug-in Coloring set plug-in effect
· Color flow: Plugin to add color gradients / overlays in 100s of ways Color flow plugin effect
· Color inverse time: Powerful negative plugin Inverse color effect plug-in
· Color nightmares: Nightmare and surreal color effect plug-in
· Color poster paints: Powerful posterization and color limiting plug-in Poster paint plugin effect
· Color posters: Powerful posterization plug-in Poster plugin effect and noise
· Distort cutting edge: Distortion and image cutting effect plug-in with many cut options
· Distort shift mesh: Mesh and lines plugin
· Distort sliced turn: Radial slice and distortion plugin
· Distort wavy city: Wavy distortion plugin
· Distort wavy cut: Distortion plugin
· Edge edge works: Edge plugin
· Edge edgy: Dark edge and cartoon / pop art plugin Edgy plug-in effect
· Edge edgy2: Variant dark edge plugin
· Edge emboss picture: Embossing plugin with 100s of different emboss effects Emboss picture effect
· Lines silver lining: Line generating plugin Silver lining plugin effect
· Utility both sides: Invert / mirror plugin Both sides plug-in effect
· Utility reflections: Image reflection / mirror plugin
· Noise random times: Grainy plugin effect
· Noise gritty: Randomization and grain plugin
· Pattern grid way: Op Art plugin with pattern styles
· Pattern light show: Dot plugin and texture generator effect
· Pattern op art: 1000s and 1000s of black & white op art effects for that just 60s look

Main features:

  • Blending modes / options:
  • The plugins all include 100 output settings such as invert the image, apply only to the red channel, wrap the color, limit the colors to the current foreground and background color range, set to difference, darken only, different darken effects, tiling, frames, zapped color effect and more. Blending modes are like additional filters added to the plugin effect, adding millions and millions of new creative effects to any plugin
  • Post processing settings:
  • All the plugins include 18 post processing settings such as applying a randomized gradient or gradient blend to the end result of the filter effect. The randomized gradient effects and blends can add subtle color changes to any image or text or layer. The gradient color effect combinations can range to millions and millions of unique color effects and overlays such as radial or diamond or quadrant gradient effects. Alone, the post processing effects are a truly powerful addition to any plugin effects collection.
  • Presets:
  • The plugin settings can be saved so if you find a really stunning effect, simply click the SAVE button. The preset file can then be opened in future and the effect re-applied to a different image.
  • Photoshop actions:
  • The plug-in effects can be saved as an action so you can use the actions in batch processing / scripting etc. Combine many of the effects, combine the Andrew's Plugins with native Photoshop effects and save as an action. Re-use the action in future image processing
  • Effects modes:
  • The plug-ins all include 20 effects modes. Instead of the end result of the plugin being used in the final output, the filter effect is generated as a blur or smear or paint effect or grain effect based on the strength of the filter effect. Use the effects modes to apply totally weird and wonderful unique warping and paint and blur effects to any image.

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May 13th, 2011, 2:05 GMT
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Abneil Software Ltd
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operating system(s):
Windows XP / Vista / 7
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