Keyframe Animation

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A plugin that makes object and camera animation in SketchUp a simple reality






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Keyframe Animation is a Ruby plugin for Google SketchUp (Free and Pro). It will allow you to quickly add movement to any number of objects in your model. They can move along a straight line, or rotate about any point. You can move the camera too. Best of all, the animation you create can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

Keyframe Animation works by using ordinary SketchUp scenes that act as key frames. On each scene, you just move the objects where you want them to be, and click a button to record their positions. Whenever a scene is selected, all its objects start to move or rotate to their previusly specified positions.
If you run the SketchUp animation utility (View > Animation > Play), not only does the camera move, but now the objects will move during the animation as well.
Last updated on April 13th, 2012
Keyframe Animation

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