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100 effects in 10 specialized video filters adds movement to your images in a number of ways.

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Film makers often appeal to various plug-ins to achieve the desired effect quickly and with as little effort as possible.

With this in mind, NewBlue created a set of plug-ins that offer the possibility to add various motion effects, and they have been packaged under the name of Motion Effects.

Simple installation routine

The collection includes a total of ten plug-ins that can be incorporated in major video editing software. For the purpose of our tests we used Sony Vegas Pro.

During the installation process there is the possibility to add either some of the effects or all of them. Also, the package detects the compatible video editing software on the system and makes the selection automatically.

Flexible configuration options

Each of the plug-in offers sufficient control knobs to permit the user a wide range of adjustments, but to make things easier they also include pre-configured profiles.

These can be tweaked to reach the desired result. Furthermore, the bundle permits saving the new configurations into individual presets, which enriches the number of profiles to choose from.

The list of effects available in the bundle allow various video alterations, from simulating camera jitter, adding blur to render a fast moving object or recreating an earthquake-like effect to simulating concentric ripples of water or rendering a time-travel effect.

All changes are automatically previewed in the loaded video so you can easily check what the final result would look like. The wide range of controls allow fine tuning of the effect so that it fits your needs.


NewBlue Motion Effects makes available a nifty collection of choices that can add a professional touch to amateur video. It can also be used quite successfully by more experienced users.

NewBlue Motion Effects was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
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