NewBlue Video Essentials III

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Rich package of plug-ins for video editing purposes that includes a hefty set of profiles and the possibility to create your own presets

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Making all sorts of adjustments to video files through editing jobs can be a time consuming job, even for professionals because some of the routines, as simple as they are, sometimes cannot be done any faster.

One solution for this issue are plug-in components that are specifically designed to achieve a specific effect and tweaking the parameters until the result is as desired.

Simple installation, rich list of choices

Video Essentials III from NewBlue is a collection of of plug-ins that can be used with the prominent video editing suites in order to reach the end result quicker and with less effort. For testing purposes we chose Sony Vegas Pro as the host of the plug-in collection.

Installation is not difficult and it allows you to choose the host for the plug-ins from a list of supported programs. There is the possibility to add the components individually or all of them, depending on your video editing needs.

This particular package includes a set of 10 modules and more than 170 presets to rely on. Even if the number is quite large, it can be increased by making custom adjustments and saving them into a profile that can be used at a later time.


The modules can help with turning a dull environment into a more vibrant one, making sharper, jagged edges smoother or highlighting certain colors by applying a gradient effect.

Applying a spotlight effect is also on the list of choices, giving you control over the shape of the lighting as well as the falling angle. Additional adjustments touch on the clarity of the effect, tint and color of the actual spotlight and the background.

Furthermore, skew damage from the camera can be repaired as long as the issues are not too signifficant.


The plug-ins included in Video Essentials III are easy to use and the fact that there are so many presets available makes working with them a cinch. The collection can be used for achieving impressive results with the video and the average user should find it pretty interesting.

NewBlue Video Essentials III was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 4th, 2014
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