OBJ Import for SketchUp1.0

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A useful and easy to install plugin for SketchUp Make that allows it to import geometries and read polygon mesh data embedded in OBJ files

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SketchUp Make does not support OBJ file importing by default, so you need a third party application that can add it this option. OBJ Import for SketchUp is one of the tools that can help you, enhancing the functionality of SketchUp and allowing you to import geometries, textures and other similar data from wavefront OBJ files.

OBJ Import for SketchUp functions as a plugin for SketchUp, available from the designated menu of the popular 3D modeling software. It is very easy to handle and does not require any configuration, providing accessible and clear options.

The first thing you will notice once the installation procedure is finished is that the 'Plugins' menu appears within the main interface of SketchUp Make, allowing you to view a list of all the available add-ins.

OBJ Import for SketchUp can be accessed via the 'Plugins' menu or the floating window it displays in SketchUp Make. While the latter option is more accessible, note that the exact same options are available, regardless of your choice.

In order to import a new OBJ file into SketchUp Make, all you must do is choose the designated option in the menu / floating window and browse for the file you want to load. SketchUp Make displays geometries, textures and colors, allowing you to edit the 3D model.

OBJ Import for SketchUp is one of the methods that allows you to add OBJ support to SketchUp Make, making it possible to extract geometric data from such files and display the polygon meshes and the object faces. Undoubtedly, the plugin is worth trying by SketchUp Make users, especially since the OBJ graphic format is accepted by many 3D editing programs.

OBJ Import for SketchUp was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
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