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An intuitive plug-in that can help you create aged pictures and film stills by applying image distortions, grains and dust traces, specific to old photos

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OldMovie is a reliable graphic plug-in that you can use with multiple photo editors, in order to apply an aged effect to your pictures. You can easily change a photo’s color scheme, and turn it to monochrome or apply image distortions specific to old images.

Multiple color filters

Due to the passing of time and material damage, old photos obtain a special, sepia-like tone. The plug-in can simulate multiple such color filters, from gray, to rose, beige, lavender, or sandy brown.

You can also adjust the amount of graininess, contrast and vignette effect, which implies rounded and darkened image corners. You may decide the size of the mask you can apply in order to obtain the vignette effect.

Applying scratches and blots

The plug-in can simulate multiple photo imperfections that occur over the years. Thus, you may apply scratches, fat stains, dust particles or hairs on the surface of your photo, and adjust their size, amount, thickness or transparency. In the case of hairs, you may also adjust the color and curl level.

Moreover, you can apply a de-focus effect, that usually occurred in the case of old cameras. It can blur or modify the focus in your photo, thus causing your image to look decades old. Alternatively, you may change the color filter applied to the photo, by selecting a custom color, adjusting the saturation, color range or contrast.

The plug-in can apply random types and amounts of effects to the photo, when you slide the dedicated button, located at the bottom of the window.


OldMovie enables you to distort an image’s colors, focus or sharpness, in order to make it look decades old and add the charm of the vintage to it. You may turn your image to monochrome and apply several color filters, as well as add time-caused imperfections such as stains or scratches. The plug-in allows you to preview the result and zoom in on the photo in order to observe details.

OldMovie was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
OldMovie - OldMovie is a graphic plug-in that enables you to apply a special effect to your photos, in order to make them look aged.OldMovie - You may apply color filters, image distortions specific to old cameras, scratches, dust particles, modify the contrast or round the corners.

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