Perfect Presets for LightRoom

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A very large pack of presets that are meant to help you correct and improve multiple aspects of your photographs in a fast and simple manner

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Perfect Presets for LightRoom is a large collection of presets that are especially created for Adobe Lightroom to help you enhance your photos.

When installing, the presets are automatically sent to the appropriate Lightroom folder and are made available to you immediately after you run the application. You can find them in the ‘Presets’ section, sorted into multiple volumes.

Each volume contains effects of a certain style that change various aspects in your photos. A preset can come in a single version or have multiple instances which you can apply to make gradual changes.

For example, the presets in one of the volumes apply changes to one parameter at a time which makes it very helpful for beginner uses because they don’t have to browse the parameters panel in search of a setting that they want to change. Using this method, a photo can be enhanced one step a a time and if something doesn’t feel right, there’s always the undo command.

Perfect Presets for LightRoom also takes into consideration the fact that there are certain steps which are generally taken in order to edit an image in Lightroom. In this sense, some of the presets are created to change white balance, auto tone, hue/ saturation/ luminosity, black and white, vignetting and tint. Another collection simply offers variations of glow, gradient and antique effects which have graduated filters situated in different positions with a custom set of parameters

All of the presets that Perfect Presets for LightRoom offers can be edited and perfected by you then overwritten or added as new. Either way, you always get a good looking effect no matter if it’s subtle or instantly visible.

In conclusion, if you’re a professional that simply wants to find new presets or a newbie that wants a fast fix for your photos, Perfect Presets for LightRoom is a great solution.

Perfect Presets for LightRoom was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 21st, 2013
Perfect Presets for LightRoom - Perfect Presets for LightRoom will provide users with over 190 free presets for LightRoom

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