Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)

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A complex and efficient program that enables you to customize the appearance of your photographs with minimal effort on your part

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Perfect Effects Free is an advanced yet user-friendly software solution developed to provide professional photographers and amateurs alike with the proper tools for editing their pictures, being able to use it as a standalone utility or as a Photoshop plugin.

Clear-cut and straightforward usage

Despite the size of its installer, the application is quite lightweight and simple to handle, posing almost no difficulty for novices in the field, the majority of its functions being quite forthcoming.

Interface-wise, Perfect Effects Free makes use of an intuitive and accessible appearance, enabling users to get the hang of it in no time. In addition, it features an extensive online help documentation that can clarify any issue that users might have.

Use and abuse the numerous effects and filters to edit photos

To get started, users can load their picture into the program, either by drag and dropping it onto the main window or by browsing through their system and opening it manually. Perfect Effects Free supports a wide range of formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, ERF, RSW, NEF, DCR, SRW and many others.

Subsequently, the utility allows users to choose whether to edit the original picture directly or process a copy of the file, using a series of preferred options (file format, color space, bit depth, resolution).

The ‘Presets’ tab on the left side of the main window enables users to apply pre-configured effects onto the image, providing them with an extensive palette to select from (‘OnOne’, ‘Cinematic’, ‘Commercial’, ‘Darkroom’, ‘Film - B&W’, ‘Film - Instant’, ‘Hipster’, ‘Texture Combos’ and others).

At the same time, Perfect Effects Free features numerous ‘Filters’ that users can work with, for instance ‘Adjustable Gradient’, ‘Adjustment Brush’, ‘Black & White’, ‘Borders’, ‘Glow’, ‘HDR Look’, ‘Texturizer’, ‘Vignette’ or ‘Vintage’, each section with countless entries.

From the right-side panel, users can further customize the ‘Filter Stack’ and ‘Blending Options’, as well as alter the ‘Hue’, ‘Saturation’, ‘Brightness’ or ‘Thickness’ of the photo by means of dedicated gliders.

A complex graphic editing tool

All things considered, it is safe to say that Perfect Effects Free can successfully comply to the requirements of the professional photographers and image editors, while also remaining sufficiently supple to be of use to more inexperienced individuals.

Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free) was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 31st, 2014
Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free) - The main window of Perfect Effects Free allows you to open the picture you want to work withPerfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free) - The dedicated window enables you to choose whether to work on the original or process a copyPerfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free) - From the Presets tab, you can select and apply a preferred filters' configuration to your photoPerfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)Perfect Effects Free (formerly PhotoTools Free)

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