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Use this Adobe After Effects plugin to easily generate the 3D geometry of an ocean surface and render it using a powerful engine

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Psunami is a powerful and unexpectedly easy to use Adobe After Effects plugin which enables you to create and render great looking water waves and underwater scenes. It’s a 3D tool which you can use to generate calm or stormy oceans just by clicking and adjusting various parameters.

A tool for beginners and experts

Like most plugins out there, for After Effects or any other software that has anything to do with graphics and animation, Psunami comes with a number of presets which you can use to render your ocean.

They are available within the plugin and reside in categories such as ‘Atmospherics’, ‘Bright Day’, ‘Luminance’, ‘Night’, ‘Stormy Seas’, ‘Sunrise-Sunset’, ‘Underwater’, ‘Weird’ and more. They cover just about any scenario you can envision for your project and each group certainly contains one or two that should meet your expectations.

Though a complex tool, Psunami doesn’t differ much from other plugins in the sense that all of its parameters can be adjusted in the standard way, making it accessible even to those who are just started to familiarize themselves with After Effects.

Render realistic oceans

Psunami has been in the business a good couple of years and is a tool that constantly receives improvements. It provides a multitude of rendering options, full camera control, air and ocean optics, along with customizable waves, lighting effects and swells. Moreover, it offers the means to create depth of field and supplies built-in image maps.

All of these features and the very large number of parameters you can adjust give you the possibility to render a highly detailed animation of any kind of ocean you can imagine.

A tool that needs a lot of practice

To sum things up, Psunami is a handy tool for anyone who wants to create a realistic ocean but to be able to bring the effect close to perfect, it does need a large amount of practice and an above decent hardware configuration for your PC.

Psunami was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
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