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Simple plug-in that enriches the list of effects in Paint.NET by adding the possibility to create smudge effects on a loaded image

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For most of the users an image editor includes sufficient options on its own; but for more experienced users plug-ins that increase the functionality of the product are absolutely essential to help them achieve great results.

Smudge is a simple extension created specifically for Paint.NET image manipulation software and, as its name clearly suggests, it enables the user to apply a smudge effect on a given picture.

Simple install procedure

For any Paint.NET user the installation procedure for a plug-in is simple: dump the files (DLLs) in the Effects folder under the installation directory of the of the image editor.

The next time it launches the list of effects should integrate the fresh addition. In the case of Smudge the new entry is available among the distortion effects.

The effect window is far from being complicated and includes several parameters that can be adjusted to better fit your needs; most of the options are present in the upper part of the screen.

Simple functions

You can easily change the type of the brush along with some of its properties, such as width size or strength. The new settings can be tested on the loaded image as there is the possibility to revert the actions.

Another adjustment that can be made refers to the smoothness of the smudge. This can be set on a scale from ten to one hundred and the effect is visible on the spot, without too much strain on system resources, even on average-powered equipment.


Working with the new effect is a cinch and even if it is not used on a regular basis it does not create any inconvenience in Paint.NET. The results are displayed on the fly and the performance of the computer is not affected.

Smudge was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
Smudge - Smudge is a Paint.NET plugin that will help you manipulate your images.

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