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An easy to handle Adobe Photoshop plug-in that can be used to improve the applications PNG compression capabilities in a simple manner

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SuperPNG is a lightweight plugin designed for Adobe Photoshop users who are looking to compress their PNG exports in a more efficient way. The plugin is widely used throughout websites as it provides lossless compression, meaning that quality is well preserved during the shrinking process.

Simple manual installation

It’s not the best way to add a plugin to Photoshop but then again all you have to do is copy the file to the appropriate folder and its ready to use. Most plugins are used by novice users who want to cut a few corners when it comes to post processing or those who want to speed up the process so for them a manual installation might prove difficult to some extent but luckily the Internet is full of guides.

Straightforward compression options

SuperPNG is a really good plugin for those who need to export both large and small size photos or images in PNG format as it provides four levels of compression. This is important and welcome at the same time because the level of compression dictates the speed at which Photoshop is able to output the files.

Maximum compression leads to longer waiting times while the other effortlessly delivers the results. Then again, this also depends on the hardware performance of your computer. Choosing between faster saves or smaller files is done with a simple click on one of the four compression steps which makes batch processing very simple.

SuperPNG also enables you to get the best out of your new PNGs by providing Alpha channel settings along with the possibility to enable interlacing and the option to save the photo’s ICC profile.

A handy plugin for professionals and amateurs alike

To sum things up, SuperPNG is light, practical and helps you fill in gaps in the way Photoshop deals with PNG images.

SuperPNG was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 29th, 2014

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