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A professional VST plugin that allows you to performs real-time FFT spectrum analysis by using the Fourier transformation algorithm

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Voxengo Span is a powerful tool for the professionals who need to analyze audio files by using a spectrum visualizing solution. This plugin can be loaded in any audio application that supports Virtual Studio Technology.

When you need to analyze the power, frequency or distortion of an audio file, spectrum analyzers are used to provide you with both visual feedback and various statistics. This allows you to detect issues that need to be adjusted before using the file in your projects.

This audio analysis tool uses the fast Fourier transformation and allows you to customize multiple parameters in order to fine tune the analysis accuracy. For instance, you can change the block size and correlation meter before starting the playback.

Additionally, you can specify a secondary spectrum in order to visually compare the output. If you use this feature, you can also smooth the spectrum and adjust the colors before examining the generated graph.

The advanced users can group several channels or analyze each channel in order to isolate a certain issue. Since the plugin supports presets, you can save your settings and use the same configuration for multiple projects.

You can adjust the size of the graphical interface in order to view the graph in greater detail. The plugin allows you to undo certain modifications which allows you to test various settings when using the analyzer.

Overall, Voxengo Span is a flexible spectrum analyzer that provides multiple configuration options which makes it suitable for professional sound analysis.

Voxengo Span was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
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