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Create stunning visual effects to enhance your projects with this powerful and intuitive software application which comes with a generous library of content to get you started

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When it comes to movies and video games, particles play an important role in the overall experience. With the help of specialized applications, such as ParticleIllusion and a powerful computer you are able to create stunning effects with which to enhance any video masterpiece.

Get inspired by the generous library

While getting to know the application, you stumble across a browser panel which includes a large variety of default effects organized in groups. These basically represent folders which you are also able to create and store your creations in, for later editing or simply combining with different particles.

Possibilities are endless, from flame and smoke animations to some of the most complex and surprising designs you can find anything to gives you a kick start.

Edit and combine default particles

The only way you are able to get a result is by making use of the preset animations. Don't let this bring your hopes down, because everything you choose can be thoroughly modified so they resemble nothing of the original.

This is either done once they are selected, by carefully adjusting parameters in a timeline or by simply opening an editor for individual animations. Doing so brings up even more customization options. Similar functions to the main workspace are provided, the only difference being it allows the creation of a single particle which you can add to the library for later use.

Moreover, when you are done unleashing your imagination and have created a stunning visual experience, you can enjoy it by simply running an individual viewer. It opens up a window in which you are able to preview the whole content of the library.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ParticleIllusion is a powerful application which gives you the possibility to create visual enhancements for your projects. You easily get the hang of it due to the clever design, losing the notion of time while experimenting with different options to get just the right effect.

particleIllusion was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 2nd, 2014
particleIllusionparticleIllusion - This is the main window of particleIllusion where you can add the effects you preferparticleIllusion - This is the way you will be able to manage the included effects and to customize themparticleIllusion - You can access tge View menu when you want to save the layoput or load a previous oneparticleIllusion - The Action menu will offer you the possibility to add a deflector, a blocker or to loop playbackparticleIllusion - The Preferences window is the place where you can adjust the frame rates and the default colors

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