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View your photos in simple slideshow and organize them in galleries using this lightweight and cleverly designed software utility

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Doing a quick search through your computer you manage to find at least a pictured stored somewhere. Various applications are used to view them in unique ways and Pixie promises to deliver an enhanced visual experience.

Sit back and enjoy the show

The application's core function is to create a slideshow of selected photos and automatically scroll through them at given time intervals. The user interface is cleverly designed to dedicate all of its space to your image files.

Unless right clicking on the main window you find no buttons or options. The slideshow can be set to either display one image at a time or switch to a “Quad-view” for four simultaneous photos. Unfortunately, there is no implemented drag and drop support to easily load and image directory, doing so is only available through the application's options.

Create photo galleries and customize the view

One of the biggest advantages is that you are able to organize your collection of pictures in galleries. You are required to give it a name and at least a folder that contains image files. Switching between galleries is done easily through the application's context menu.

Several options to enhance the visual experience are available. You can apply transparency but only at a preset level, toggle borders on or off, and even switch to a fullscreen view.

Additionally, the application gives you the possibility to set the slideshow to automatically scroll through photos at custom time intervals, or set it to manual and assign a key.

To end with

All in all, Pixie is a neat and pleasant way to view memories you brought back from a vacation or even set up a presentation. The lack of buttons on the main window offers a clear view of your photos and the possibility to organize them in galleries only enhances its long term usability.

Pixie was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
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