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A program to view images in zip files




The Campanule application was developed to be a program to view images in zip files without extracting them to disk and launching the default image viewer. Campanule supports BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF file formats. Password protected zip files are also supported.

Campanule is written in C# and thus needs a .NET Framework Runtime. Campanule was written in 2-3 days and avoids “featuritis”: one can open a zip file (or drag and drop a zip archive onto the main window), click on an image in the left pane and view the image in the right pane. There is also an option to fit the image into the window and an option to change the background color, but that's it.

Credits go to the people who have written and tested SharpZipLib. Without this library, Campanule wouldn't even exist. After all, reading zip files is the most difficult part of this small but interesting (isn't it?) program.
Last updated on March 19th, 2010
Campanule - The main window of CampanuleCampanule - Image tab menu window of Campanule

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