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A handy photo management application that was created to help users organize their pictures, movies and audio files which were created with a digital camera

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Transferring and organizing multimedia content acquired by means of a digital camera is a common activity nowadays and most device manufacturers have specialized software solutions they offer their users.

Those owning a FUJI device are by no means forgotten as FinePixViewer is available for them and it is meant to take care of several operations related to file management in order to ease the job of regular users.

Friendly interface with a well organized layout

With the setup procedure complete users will be able to get to know this program and make the most of its features. The nice looking GUI facilitates the access to all the functions of the application from the right-click menu or via the dedicated menus hosted by the main toolbar.

The main window is divided into several areas, with the most space reserved for the file thumbnail and image preview. The left-side panel can show either the menu options or a folder tree view to make it easier to browse to the desired files.

Basic image handling functions and advanced movie options

Insofar as the supported filetypes are concerned, FinePixViewer is rather limited because it will load only JPG and BMP images and a few common video formats like AVI, MPEG, ASF, MOV or WMV, while the audio files it can handle include MP3, WAV and WMA.

When the 'Preview' mode is selected, the movies and music tracks will play automatically, as soon as they are selected from the list. For digital images, it is possible to perform some quality adjustments, clip the pictures, correct red-eye or insert text.

FinePixViewer also comes with the necessary tools for making and splitting 3D movies, creating sequential photographs from motion clips and even upload movies to YouTube.

A decent multimedia viewer and player, with simple editing features

On the whole, this utility can prove quite useful, especially to those who own a FUJI digital camera because the program starts on its own as soon as it detects a camera connected to the PC.

Suitable for transferring and managing multimedia files, FinePixViewer still needs more support for other file formats in order to become a more attractive tool.

FinePixViewer was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
FinePixViewer - This is the main window of FinePixViewer that allows you to load images and view or manage them.FinePixViewer - The right-click menu in FinePixViewer enables you to access some of the most often used commands for managing the selected items.FinePixViewer - FinePixViewer offers several viewing options which can be selected from the dedicated menu.FinePixViewer - screenshot #4FinePixViewer - screenshot #5FinePixViewer - screenshot #6FinePixViewer - screenshot #7FinePixViewer - screenshot #8

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