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A handy and comprehensive application that provides you with a stable environment for easier visualization and analysis of 3D models

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In order to create a 3D model, you need a lot of patience and attention to details, as these models, depending on context, need to have fluid construction so that their rendered models will have natural dynamics.

A powerful application that can help you visualize and analyze 3D models is GLC_Player. It gives you the possibility to see the details of each 3D model rendered under the COLLADA, 3DXML, OBJ, 3DS, STL, OFF and COFF OpenGL library. QT and GLC_lib need to be installed on your computer in order to properly use GLC_Player.

Intuitive 3D model viewer with comprehensive GUI layout

The program can help you observe and analyze the characteristics of certain 3D models, so that you can tweak their construction in case any mistake is found. By doing so, you are able to define and render dynamic 3D models with fluid and natural movement.

For instance, you can easily analyze the construct of a 3D machine or device, in order to observe any joint fluency and model binding. In case any intercalations or model overlaps are found out, you can easily go back and redefine your model so that these inconvenients are repaired.

Dependable object viewer and 3D render utility

GLC_Player gives you the possibility to seamlessly scan a 3D model from different views, as you can observe the object from various angles and distances. Additionally, you can minutiously analyze a 3D model by sectioning it.

Thanks to this, you can view how is your model joined together, and if any of the vertices or objects that compose him overlap or create interlacing points.

A reliable and powerful 3D model analysis tool

As a conclusion, GLC_Player provides you with the tools necessary to inspect and visualize 3D models, in order to determine their overall build and harmonious object joining.

GLC_Player was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
GLC_Player - GLC_Player helps you analyze and view 3D models created in OpenGL, so that you can easier observe details.GLC_Player - From the File menu, you can easily open 3D models or export them to 3DXML format.GLC_Player - By accessing the View menu, you can change the projection mode of the loaded 3D model.GLC_Player - screenshot #4GLC_Player - screenshot #5GLC_Player - screenshot #6GLC_Player - screenshot #7GLC_Player - screenshot #8

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