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Minimalistic and clean application which provides users with a simple means of viewing GIFs, as well as creating animated ones and previewing your project

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Gif Player vxx7 is a software tool that was developed to aid people in viewing GIF files from the hard drive or the Clipboard, as well as generating your own animated ones.

The upper hand of a portable app

You are not required to go through the installation process, as this product is portable. As a result, you should know that the Windows registry is not going to be affected in any way.

In addition to that, you can easily take it anywhere with you, by simply moving the program files to a portable device, such as a USB thumb drive.

Straightforward GUI and support for hotkeys

The interface is pretty simple, as it only includes a menu bar, a pane in which to view the opened GIF and a few buttons. Although Help contents are not enclosed, all types of users can easily find their way around the app.

Several keyboard shortcuts are supported and you can bring them up with just a click of the button. However, they cannot be changed, which is a small inconvenience.

Upload and view GIFs, as well as create animated ones

Using this application, you can easily load a GIF from any location on the hard drive, removable storage device or even the Clipboard, yet it is important to keep in mind that you can only upload one item at a time.

Another important feature is that you can easily generate your own animated GIFs, by simply uploading other such pictures for each frame and clicking the “Generate GIF” button. It is also possible to preview the results.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Gif Player vxx7 is a pretty simple, yet handy piece of software when it comes to viewing GIFs. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance, yet in our tests, we have noticed that it does not always work properly, failing to load animated GIFs repeatedly.

Gif Player was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Gif PlayerGif Player - This is the main window of Gif Player from where you can access all the features of the application.Gif Player - Using this window of Gif Player you will be able to create new GIF files.Gif Player - From the Settings menu you can adjust various features of the application.

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