Periscope Image Browser

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A fast and intuitive application that helps users browse, search, view and organize image files, featuring multi-folder searching





Periscope Image Browser is a clean and fast tool for users who want to search, view, or just organize their favorite images.

Images are displayed in groups of optional size up to 99 images at the same time, arranged in many optional ways. You can easily move between thousands of groups whether animated or not.

You can select images with certain properties (number of colors, transparency, animation, interlace .etc)

Image can be sorted by width, height, colors .etc. Animated images can be played normally, slowly or step by step. Interlace can be viewed as it appears on the Internet.

You can view image comments, if any, like copyright info, designer name, program used to generate the image and so on.

The program can check whether the image file is conforming to standards or not, and displays notifications.

You can easily find and delete interactively duplicate images. It can be used to organize image files by using multiple copying and renaming. This version supports images with GIF, JPEG and Bitmap formats.
Last updated on February 17th, 2014
Periscope Image Browser - The application enables users to browse for images on their computers and view or rearrange them.Periscope Image Browser - By accessing the File menu, users can load a picture workspace or find file duplicates and remove them.Periscope Image Browser - The View menu provides users with toolbar selections and the option to run the application in full screen.Periscope Image Browser - screenshot #4Periscope Image Browser - screenshot #5Periscope Image Browser - screenshot #6Periscope Image Browser - screenshot #7Periscope Image Browser - screenshot #8Periscope Image Browser - screenshot #9

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