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A simple tool that allows you to share the SketchUp models with your colleagues or business partners who only need to view and analyze the content

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SketchUp is a powerful application that can generate complex 3D models for buildings cars, equipment and other objects. It is used by designers, engineers and architects to create the basis for their projects.

The SketchUp Viewer allows them to share their vision with other users who only need to view the shapes, geometry and textures without making changes. If you need to review a project, this app can help you open the SKP file that includes all the model details.

In the SketchUp model files, the designer can specify multiple perspectives, view angles and zoom levels in order to easily view the most important aspects. The viewer allows you to easily switch between them by using the tabs or the Camera menu.

If you need to focus on the model structure, you can enable the wireframe view or display the hidden geometry. The app allows you to easily pan to a certain area, magnify an object and rotate the model in order to view all the available angles.

When browsing through a 3D model, the user has the option to slowly walk around the structure in order to simulate the experience of a visitor while the Look Around tool allows you to examine the nearby objects. .

The current view or the scenes can be printed in order to use them for presentations or project documentation. Before generating your prints make sure that you check the display and shadow settings in order to fine-tune the printed elements. Unfortunately, you cannot export the view to an image in order to embed it into a web page or document.

Although the program does not include any documentation, the interface is intuitive and provides tips for each tool in the status bar.

If you want to share your models with clients or colleagues, SketchUp Viewer allows them to open any model without a paid license for the drawing tool.

SketchUp Viewer was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 30th, 2014
SketchUp Viewer - You can use the main window of SketchUp Viewer to load the models you want to analyze.SketchUp Viewer - SketchUp Viewer allows you to activate / deactivate the section cuts, axes and shadows.SketchUp Viewer - The application allows you to use the zoom functions and select the view mode.SketchUp Viewer - screenshot #4SketchUp Viewer - screenshot #5SketchUp Viewer - screenshot #6SketchUp Viewer - screenshot #7

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