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A simple to use tool that helps users open and view Miomap BMP images, then save them as RLE, a format derived from the standard BMP

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iGO navigation devices are among the most well known and many people use them and for this reason there are numerous dedicated applications that can carry out various tasks from managing the content stored on these units, to handling specific files that are meant only for certain navigators.

iGO BMP is one such utility that was tailored to provide users a means of viewing and managing the bitmap images (BMP) that belong to iGO/Miomap devices.

Minimalistic interface with a handful of options

An important advantage of this tool becomes evident as soon as the program is started, more precisely it concerns the fact that it doesn't have to be installed and is ready to run out of the box.

Other than that, the looks are not impressive as the GUI is plain and simple, allowing you to simply load a file and analyze it up close before saving it into another format.

Basic set of features for elementary operations

Insofar as the input is concerned, as its name clearly states, this software will only work with BMP files, be them compressed or not. Once an image is loaded, you have at your disposal a zoom-in as well as a zoom-out function that is quite handy for going deep inside the bitmap.

In case you want to have any transparent areas revealed, there is a dedicated option that once checked, will make the transparency become clearly visible, especially if those areas are surrounded by darker colors.

When it comes to saving the opened BMP file, there are two options you can use, namely save the image as RLE (iGO compressed) or as a standard bitmap file recognizable by Windows.

Easy to use but overly simple application

In conclusion, one thing is certain: iGO BMP is as easy to use as it could possibly be, but it is very limited in terms of functionality and this could turn aside many users who may be looking for a bit more.

iGO BMP was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 9th, 2014
iGO BMP - The application allows you to open BMP images and convert them to RLE format, suitable for iGo devices.

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