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A handy image conversion application that supports batch operations and comes with support for a variety of output formats, including non-graphic ones

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Advanced Batch Image Converter is a handy graphic converter that helps you convert your images in batch mode. While there is no shortage of such utilities out there, this particular application stands out from the crowd through its wide assortment of input and output formats it supports.

Diverse range of input and output formats

The range of input formats is broad and variate, comprising common graphic formats (JPG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, BMP, PNG, JP2, WebP, CUR etc.) and other file types (8BIM, BIGTIFF, CIN, DCM, DCX, DPX, ICM, ILBM, J2K, JBG, JNX, MIFF, PCT, PSD, SFW, just to name some of them).

The output range is just as wide, comprising both graphic and non-graphic types of files, such as PDF or HTML documents. As such, you can use this application to generate a PDF document out of an image.

If you don't want to see all output files types and just stick to a few standard formats, you can do so using the 'Advanced' menu. This way, the list is narrowed down to just a handful of files, namely JPG, JP2, TIFF, PNG and WebP.

Plain interface with accessible options

The interface is not the most impressive we've seen, actually it is quite dull. Nevertheless, it offers fast access to all the options and helps you quickly go through the configuration settings and get the job done.

The application features preview functionality, which means that you can view each image before proceeding to the conversion process. You can instruct it to save the resulting files in a custom location or in the same directory and optionally overwrite the old images. Furthermore, it enables you to adjust the compression level and check the integrity of the output.

A flexible batch converter for all your images

Advanced Batch Image Converter is easy to work with and provides satisfactory conversion speed, even for tasks that include a larger number of input pictures. Thanks to the simple interface, using it shouldn't pose a problem to anyone. The diverse range of output files makes it a versatile tool ready to meet the requirements of all users.

Advanced Batch Image Converter was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 8th, 2015
Advanced Batch Image Converter - You can use Advanced Batch Image Converter to convert multiple images at once to various file formats.Advanced Batch Image Converter - Advanced Batch Image Converter comes with support for various graphic formats, as well as PDF documents and other type of files.