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Compact application that helps you add a logo, transparency masks, watermarks and transitions effects to your videos and generate customizable slideshows from images

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Video editing is no longer a job for professionals. You can put together some of your own photos or videos and use one of many editing tools out there to give them a professional look. One of these tools is Foto2Avi, a complex program that packs quite some editing options.

Clean feature lineup

After installing it you are facing a rather simple interface that allows you to browse for files and easily add them to the output area where you can start editing them. The editing window reveals the application's true capabilities, as Foto2Avi offers you a multitude of effects, animations and tools.

Editing operations

You can add a logo to your video, transparency masks or watermarks to clearly state that this is your work. Choose from a wide variety of transition effects and customize their duration to create professional-looking sideshows from your photo collections.

Adjust the hue, saturation, brightness or contrast effects to your liking and apply different settings to specific files you use in creating a video. Add noise, grayscale or sepia effects if you want your video to get that vintage look.

Image slideshow settings

If you are looking to give more life to your presentation, especially when using only images, just add an audio file and set fading or echoing effects to emphasize your message. You can use different sound files and alternate them with pinpoint precision so that your image synchronizes perfectly with the sound track. As an alternative, you could add subtitles to your project, the application allowing you to adjust their position manually or automatically, according to your specifications.

A few flaws

As for the shortcomings, the application has an easy-to-use browsing interface but it does not offer a preview function for the selected files or a filter to arrange files by type. To compensate that, it allows you to activate the drag-and-drop mode so you can and add files easier to the output area. Be careful though, as this option has its inconvenience: if you try adding invalid or unsupported files the software application crashes.

Bottom line

To wrap it up, Foto2Avi could be what you are looking for if you want to get cool videos out of your media files, as it comes packed with plenty of features for helping you set up the editing process in detail.

Foto2Avi was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
Foto2Avi - Foto2Avi is a phIn the main window you can add your images and videos to be converted to a slideshow.oto and video converter to AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV or MPEG that helps you create slideshows from images.Foto2Avi - From the Photo Video Settings window, you can add a logo file and apply transparency effects.Foto2Avi - You can customize subtitles and choose their position, font style or enable animation.Foto2Avi - From the dedicated tab, you can enable transition effects and choose their type or duration.Foto2Avi - You can apply basic effects to your images, such fade in, fade out, noise, rotations and colors.Foto2Avi - From the Advanced effects tab, you can add distort, ripple and bubble effects or choose their start time.Foto2Avi - If you want to add animation effects, you can select the appropriate one and choose its start and end position.Foto2Avi - You can choose the order of the effects by moving them up or down and save your choice.Foto2Avi - From the Fade tab, you can enable audio fade in or fade out effects and set their duration.Foto2Avi - If you want to enable the echo audio effect you can do it from the Echo tab and make suitable adjustments.Foto2Avi - From the General Settings window, you can adjust your input video settings, such as duration, enable random transitions or enable thumbnails.Foto2Avi - From the Output tab, you can customize your output video settings, such as FPS, resolution, encoder and subtitle.

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