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An intuitive and user-friendly software utility that helps you easily create fonts and bitmaps or modify the ones from your embedded application

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Whenever you want to customize the look of your embedded applications, you could try designing a new icon or even a new font and LCD Image Converter is the type of app that can help you.

You you want to modify the images used within your source code, you need to rely on templates, which means that when you change the templates, you can also modify the output within certain limits.

The software utility does not require any installation so you can carry it on your portable USB drive and run it whenever you have some spare time.

The graphic interface of LCD Image Converter is intuitive and you can easily start working on a new project or resume an existing one. If you decide to start working from scratch, you need to specify whether you are interested in creating an icon or a font.

When designing icons, you can either settle for the default size or you can adjust it to meet your needs - and the same goes for the colors you can integrate within the graphic file. You can flip, rotate or shift the image with a few mouse clicks, or inverse it.

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can export it to BMP, JPEG, PNG, PPM, TIFF, XBM or XPM and integrate it within the source code of your app.

When it comes to designing fonts, you need to select the base font, specify its style and size, then start adjusting its look. You will be able to resize it later, if you are not pleased with the current dimensions, as well as change colors as you see fit.

All in all, LCD Image Converter can help you tweak the look of your embedded apps with ease, by helping you adjust the appearance of icons and fonts.

LCD Image Converter was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on March 7th, 2015
LCD Image Converter - You can use the main window of the software to create and edit your images.LCD Image Converter - LCD Image Converter is an instrument that allows you to generate and edit fonts.LCD Image Converter - The Image menu integrated into the software allows you to flip, rotate and resize images.LCD Image Converter - screenshot #4LCD Image Converter - screenshot #5LCD Image Converter - screenshot #6LCD Image Converter - screenshot #7LCD Image Converter - screenshot #8