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A handy and easy to use application that integrates into the context menu and helps you resize images or convert them to other formats

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When handling images, it is important to be able to quickly change their format on the spot, so that you can use them with a multitude of other programs.

LuJoSoft ImagePlus can help you do just this. It is a handy application that integrates itself in Windows context menu and it allows you to convert any of your images to other format. In order to properly work, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer.

A fast image conversion tool

The program can be accessed when right-clicking on a image, thanks to its shell integration. This allows you to quickly convert any image, as soon as you find it in a folder. Aside from this, you can resize an image to a preset value or to one of your choice.

Because the application is integrated in the context menu of Windows, you do not have to open it every time you want to convert the format of an image, as you just need to access it for every image.

Reliable image resizing utility that integrates in Windows

LuJoSoft ImagePlus allows you to apply grayscale effects to any of your pictures, so that you can reduce the coloring of certain image by a certain degree. This is ideally applied to scanned documents, as overlaying a certain document can reduce its total size and printing cost.

Also, you can share your favorite images on a famous photo hosting website, such as imgur, then distribute the link to other friends so that they can see your photo too.

A lightweight, yet handy Shell extension tool that works with images

To draw a conclusion, you can use LuJoSoft ImagePlus to convert your images to other similar formats or change their original size to either a predefined one.

LuJoSoft ImagePlus was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
LuJoSoft ImagePlus - LuJoSoft ImagePlus is a shell extension that allows you to convert images to various formats or resize them.