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A software utility that enables you to quickly convert video files to GIF animations, as well as modify the playback speed, frame rate and resolution

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Although video files offer superior quality and resolutions, they also come with bigger space requirements, depending on their format and quality level. GIF animations, on the other hand, stay very low on system resource consumption and they can easily be used over the Internet as well.

Convert movies to GIF animations

Movie To Gif is a software utility designed to convert video documents to GIF animations, as well as edit the properties and the quality of the output result. The application enables you to open and convert a wide variety of movie files, such as AVI, MP4 or WMV. Once you select and load them into the main window, you can also use the integrated player to preview their contents.

In addition, you can view details about the original video attributes, such as frame width and height, as well as the total duration of the clip. The built-in navigation slider allows you to setup the new start and end points, in order to cut the video and obtain an animation containing only the desired part.

Modify the properties of the GIF and save it to your computer

Before exporting the result to your computer as a regular GIF animation, the utility enables you to bring a few modifications regarding certain quality aspects. Thus, you are able to increase or decrease the overall size of the image, choose whether to keep the playback speed of the original video and change the frame rate.

Furthermore, you can also change the color mode, which ranges between 4 and 256 visible colors. In addition, in case you are not satisfied with the provided size presets, you can manually input the desired resolution, as well as choose the way the resizing is handled. This can be achieved through stretching or cutting the original picture, as well as by simply fitting it to the new dimensions.

In conclusion

Despite the lightweight user interface, Movie To Gif comes with a selection of powerful features, which enable you to customize the resulting animation down to the last detail. Moreover, beside converting the videos, you can also cut the desired part and drop everything else from the final GIF document.

Movie To Gif was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
Movie To Gif - You can load the desired video file and customize the output settings in the main window of the application.

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