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The application is a panorama software that converts panoramic images into the Quicktime VR (QTVR) format.





Pano2QTVR will allow the user to create cylindrical and cubic panoramas with hotspots, autorotation and background sound.
Last updated on July 15th, 2008
Pano2QTVR - The Project Settings Tab allows the user to select the Base Path, the Project Type, the Cubeface Basename, and the Output Filename.Pano2QTVR - The Settings that will be applied to the Quicktime application include Tile Settings, Movie properties, and Viewing Parametres.Pano2QTVR - The user can insert particular data such as Title, Author, Comment, Date and Time, and Source in the Userdata Tab.Pano2QTVR - The Background Sound and other additional settings can be inserted in the Sprites Tab, along with Autorotate options.Pano2QTVR - The Helpers features include Thumbnail, Cubeface Strip and HTML file but are only available in the Pano1QTVR Pro Edition.Pano2QTVR - All the options selected are automatically inserted in a Configuration File, Tab in which the Open Movie command is present.Pano2QTVR - The user has the possibility to select default applications for specific file types in the Settings Tab.