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An easy to use tool that enables you to handle large numbers of camera RAW files and converts them into formats that are easier to open and view

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Using your DSLR to shoot in RAW format is always a good thing. Raw images retain much more data and remain an indestructible format over the years.

But shooting RAW files can also bring one big disadvantage. You can’t open and view the photos with the usual image viewers. In case you don’t have an application that can handle RAW format, you need to extract the images from your RAW files and convert them to something that is compatible with popular viewers.

Raw Image Converter is such an application that only handles NEF files. Canon’s RAW format. With it you can convert RAW files that are taken with a wide range of Canon cameras, both DSLRs and advanced compacts. With it you can extract images taken with cameras such as EOS 60D, 30D, 1-D, as well as PowerShot G1, G2, Pro90 IS, S30 and S40.

Though somehow unappealing, the interface of the application is fairly comprehensive. It allows you to load multiple images from your computer and set conversion preferences for all of them in a few simple steps.

Since quality is the first thing on your mind when extracting from a RAW file, the application provides you with the possibility to choose the sharpness level you want added to the photo while it is extracted. The application can convert the NEF file into Exif-JPEG, 8 bit Exif-TIFF and 16 bit TIFF formats while allowing you to also choose their compression ratios.

If you have to deal with multiple files and you don’t want to keep their original names, Raw Image Converter enables you to rename all the photos using a custom text and a sequence of numbers.

Raw Image Converter is a practical application that can cater to your basic needs when it comes to Canon RAW conversion but unfortunately for it, there are better alternatives.

Raw Image Converter was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 26th, 2013
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