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A simple, convenient to use application designed to convert many types of images to PDF or several image formats and use international paper sizes

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TTFA Images Converter can easily turn images from one format into another, in a short time. The software specializes in converting sets of images to multi-page PDFs, but it also supports several other file types and formats. Additionally, you may create single-page PDFs, by loading one image to the processing list.

A convenient image converter

TTFA Images Converter is small, lightweight and can perform the task in a short time. Moreover, it can save the processed files to the selected destination. The software can easily convert many types of images to other formats: while it supports the common picture types (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or GIF), the output files can be PDF, XPS, JPEG or PNG.

The files are easily recognizable in the source folder, when uploading them into the software, since only the supported formats are displayed. Moreover, when converting to PDF or XPS, you may set the size of the page, by choosing from amongst international paper sizes. The software supports a wide array of page sizes, starting with A0, to B10, letter, legal or ledger formats.

Easily create multi-page PDFs

If choosing to convert the images to PDF, you have two options. You can load several files, from one or more folders, in order to create a multi-page PDF, as well as create single-page documents, by loading an individual image.

In other words, the software is configured to create a PDF containing all the images in the processing list. Each image is loaded on a separate page and slightly resized, in order to fit the edges. If you select to convert the files to other picture formats, the software maintains the image attributes, size and quality.

A quick and simple to use image converter

TTFA Images Converter is simple to use, lightweight and allows you to batch manipulate the formats of images. The software specializes in converting images to PDF, but it also supports XPS or other image formats as output. The software can maintain the quality parameters of each input file when turning them to PDF or XPS.

TTFA Images Converter was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 25th, 2014
TTFA Images Converter - TTFA Images Converter is a simple to use application that enables you to turn images from one format to another.TTFA Images Converter - The software can convert several types of images to PDF, XML Paper Specification or several different image formats.TTFA Images Converter - Before converting the files, you may specify the size of the PDF page,by choosing from international paper formats.