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User-friendly and reliable program that helps you convert Webshots files to JPEG format with the aid of batch processing and renaming features

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If you're a Webshots user, chances are that you've already searched the web looking for a simple and easy-to-use solution to convert your photo collections to the JPEG format.

Well, search no more because Ultimate Webshots Converter can do that and even more thanks to its powerful conversion features.

Supported file formats

This is an application that's addressed to all Webshots users, so it can handle collections in the WBC format, the downloaded pictures (in the WBZ extension) and the Webshots pictures hosted in the WB1 and WBD formats.

Batch processing and renaming features

At a first glance, Ultimate Webshots Converter will not let you see what goodies it hides under the hood, but all will change once you hit the conversion button.

The program can perform batch conversions in the aforementioned formats and it can also rename the images based only on their names.

Extract a single image from a collection

On top of all that, Ultimate Webshots Converter has a special feature to allow you to extract just a single picture from a whole collection. This way you will not have to convert an entire set of photos to pick just one you like the most.

Testing its performance

What impressed us during our test was actually how fast this program works, as the conversion process goes really quickly, even when having to deal with large collections.

Bottom line

To sum things up, it's safe to say that Ultimate Webshots Converter is one of the best apps you can get when it comes to dealing with Webshots photos. The strong feature pack coupled with the great ease of use make this software application suitable for all user categories.

Ultimate Webshots Converter was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
Ultimate Webshots Converter - In the main window of Ultimate Webshots Converter users can open WBC, WBZ or WBP pictures in order to process themUltimate Webshots Converter - The application allows users to load multiple Webshots pictures at once and perform a batch conversionUltimate Webshots Converter - The output files can be stored in their original folder or sent to a user-defined locationUltimate Webshots Converter - The Expression editor window can be accessed in order to customize the names of the converted files

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