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A compact application that allows you to view the images saved by your iPod device in iThmb files and extract them to your hard drive

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iThmb Converter is a powerful iThmb encoder that can assist Apple mobile devices users in recovering photos from their libraries. Output files can take the form of JPEGs, PNGs or BMPs.

Works with iPods, iPhones and iPads

The application is useful to any iPod, iPad and iPhone users, since iThmb is only used by iOS devices. In essence, all users of such devices can benefit from it, but the most value will be drawn by users who have ample image libraries.

iThmb Converter comes with a highly intuitive and easy to grasp interface that comprises several frames. A generous preview frame allows users to view the source thumbnails. The application features a few menu items, but most users will be able to operate the tool without any need to browse the menus.

Allows users to browse the internal structure of mobile devices

The tool can read data from all Apple devices and will automatically display a treeview of the available folders. Users can then simply navigate to their desired iThmb folders. It should be noted that the other two frames feature large item preview panels, which is a great method for accurately identifying the necessary items.

One of the great features of this software is that it allows users the possibility to batch convert entire folders or just specific files. The former option even allows users to include sub-folders. This streamlines the entire the process and allows anyone to burn through entire folders with just a few mouse clicks.

Can generate JPGs, BMPs and PNGs

Once the process has been configured, users are free to specify the destination path and an output format; conversion follows with a simple click of the button. Supported output formats are JPGs, BMPs and PNGs.

All things considered, iThmb Converter is a simple, but effective program that can help users in extracting photos from their iThmb documents.

iThmb Converter was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
iThmb Converter - The main window of the iThmb Converter application allows you tu view all the iThmb files available in the archive.iThmb Converter - You can convert all images and create a HTML report by using the File menu.