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A complete package that contains a large variety of codecs in filters so you can fully enjoy all of your favorite media files with no compatibility issues

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Vista Codec Package is a comprehensive codec pack that comes with all the audio and video filters you would ever need to open any multimedia file. The codecs included in this collection vary from FFDshow, AC3Filter and LAV to the more advanced Haali, Gabest or PDVD11 splitters and filters.

Choose what codecs to be deployed

Basically, it all comes down to installing the package. After the setup begins, the installer prompts you to choose between a complete or custom deployment. The latter is recommendable if you wish to manually select the components to be installed on the system.

Thoroughly configure codec functionality

The rest of the process is completed in a couple of seconds and brings you to a single settings window that enables you to configure the whole codec package. From here, you can tweak the behavior of various codecs, even though the default factory settings should work just fine. However, in case you wish to reverse the changes, you can resort to the "Reset All" button.

Helps you enjoy all media files

The greatest thing about this codec package is that it has amazing efficiency and combined with a powerful media player, it can work miracles for your media content. Unlike other codec packs, it provides a GUI that users can access to setup various audio and video filters.

In conclusion

All in all, Vista Codec Package is rather easy to deploy and the configuration shouldn't take a lot of time. If everything is left as is by default, there shouldn't be any problems in paying back all the supported multimedia formats. Also, in case something does go wrong and you wish to revert to the initial settings, simply press 'Reset All' and that will be it.

Vista Codec Package was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 15th, 2015
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