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A package containing some of the most commonly used codecs that allow you to fully enjoy media files as well as configuring functionality and adjust quality

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If you are a movie fan and you enjoy watching them on your PC or laptop, then one of the first things you should do after a fresh setup of your operating system is the installation of a codec pack. The codec choice is up to you, but in order to enable your default media player to offer high quality playback for video and audio files a codec pack is a must.

Easy and quick installation process

Codec Pack All in 1 gives users the possibility to play their DivX, XviD, AC3 and a wide range of other multimedia file types using their favorite video player. It is rather small and taxes only a few seconds to install. In fact, all you have to do during the installation is opt for the audio and video codecs you prefer.

Choose settings that suit your machine

You can choose from FFDShow filter, if you have a slower computer, or DivX and XviD codecs. As for components for showing subtitles, you are able to pick either VobSub or G400. Last but not least, the available audio codecs in the pack are Ogg, AC3 Filter and MMS.

Configurable options for enhanced performance

Codec Pack All in 1 is configurable and enables you to perform minor tweaks for performance or quality improvements, depending on your computer's capabilities. It allows you to reduce CPU spikes using one frame delay or set the output to 4:2:0 whenever supported. Moreover, you can use the advanced hardware overlay and force the aspect ratio to any of the three possible - 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9.

Adjust video quality and apply effects

You can adjust the deblocking and deringing post-processing or adjust the picture brightness, contrast and saturation for a more comfortable movie playback. Codec Pack All in 1 also features a Film Effect layer that adds a movie like filter you can adjust in intensity.

To end with

To sum it up, Codec Pack All in 1 still provides high-quality playback for your media files and can be successfully used on slower or more powerful computers running an older operating system such as XP even though the pack does not contain the latest video and audio codecs.

Codec Pack All in 1 was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Codec Pack All in 1 - From the Decoder tab of the DivX Playback Configuration you can enable the support decoding of Generic MPEG-4 video.Codec Pack All in 1 - Use the Toolbar tab to set the menu navigator always on top, enable menu navigator at startup or show DivX logo watermark.Codec Pack All in 1 - By accessing the Playback tab of  the DivX Playback Configuration users are able to choose the processing level.

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