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High Definition H.264 video codec that is based on the MPEG-4 Part 10 standard capable of making the most out of graphical or standard processors

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Multimedia playback and decoding movies from Blu-ray discs or High Definition DVDs are tasks that require specialized tools and dedicated components that support particular audio or video formats. This is the case for H.264 video streams which need a codec for decoding.

Carefully manages given system resources

Among the compatible tools available on the market, CoreAVC is one of the most well known and used codecs. It is especially designed for playing back high quality H.264 video and it can help users make the best out of their hardware resources.

Making use of graphics processors

One of the features that makes CoreAVC so attractive for users worldwide is the ability to take the load off the CPU and use the graphics card for processing the video stream. The codec is compatible with CUDA video cards and it can fully benefit from the special architecture to use the GPU for decoding and rendering.

Supporting various screen resolutions

Another characteristic specific to CoreAVC is the multicore support which means it can put to work several cores of the processor to obtain the fastest video decoding. The codec can also handle resolutions up to 8100 by 8100 and comes with support for Matroska MKV format.

An easy to use interface

The provided interface is clean an easy to use. It features a handful of details that most experienced users can take advantage of in order to tweak input and output formats, as well as several image adjustment settings.

In conclusion

All things considered, CoreAVC is definitely one of the most suitable solutions for decoding H.264 video, especially since it has such a solid feature pack. It cleverly puts system resources to use, so that a computer is not overburdened, making the most of what it is provided with.

CoreAVC was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
CoreAVC - In this CoreAVC configuration window the users can modify the input and output formats and levelsCoreAVC - The Levels tab enables one to change the contrast, saturation and brightness levels

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