DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package

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An MPEG2 decoding package that are especially designed to correct some problems that similar tools have when handling some video streams

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Video decoding, audio stream synchronization and frame loss may seem concepts that are less familiar to the majority of computer users, but the truth is we all encountered them in one form or the other. For example, when watching a movie on the computer, sometimes the sound and image were out of sync, the playback was faulty or the video would simply not play at all.

Many of these issues can be corrected through the use of dedicated tools, but they are generally designed for specialists and not meant to be utilized by the average user. One such software is DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package which is built for demuxing and correcting video as well as audio errors.

With a powerful set of functions and supporting a wide variety of video formats, this application is bent on fixing encoding as well as decoding problems that may occur due to some functional limitations of the software used when creating a movie.

Even if the purpose and functioning of DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package are quite complicated, the overall look and feel of the interface compensates through simplicity and ease of use.

Even those who simply want to analyze a multimedia file and view some specific information concerning the video and audio streams can use the utilities that are part of this toolkit. By simply loading and playing a clip you can get a lot of data which is neatly shown in the 'Information' window.

The video functions available in DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package include iDCT Algorithm, Field Operation, YUV to RGB scaling for PC and TV as well as HD Display adjustments. Notably, there are two filters available, one for luminance, to adjust the gamma and the offset values and another one for cropping the video to the desired size.

Several audio output methods and modifications, alongside a wide variety of options and tools make the whole package complete. As a conclusion, one thing is certain: DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package is ready for use by professionals as well as experienced users.

DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 24th, 2013
DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - The application helps you decode MPEG files, allowing you to crop frames or correct the audio and video streams.DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - From the File menu, you can play your video or load a previously saved MPEG project.DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - By accessing the Video menu, you can change the encoding of your video, as well as the filters applied.DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - screenshot #4DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - screenshot #5DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - screenshot #6DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - screenshot #7DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - screenshot #8DGMPGDec MPEG2 Decoding Package - screenshot #9

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