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This package was designed to bring users an original DivX Decoder with a set of useful tools accompanying it, compiled in a simple installer

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Watching movies on a computer requires, as most users are aware, a specific set of components that can decode the video and audio streams, as well as load subtitles where they are available. These are called codecs and come in various sizes and packages.

Among the most commonly used codecs and one which you might actually be familiar with is DivX. Apart from the official releases, several bundles have been created to either add more components in the same archive with it or make it more lightweight and ready for packaging on CDs and DVDs.

DivX Light Decoder is one of the relatively small forms in which you can get the decoder and encoder components. Nonetheless, included in the same installer are a handful of utilities which can be of assistance when trying to make a video fit onto an optical disc.

The decoder part is based on the XviD MPEG-4 video codec and the configuration window enables you to access all the available adjustments. Thus, you can set the desired brightness level that will be applied to all opened videos and also choose the postprocessing features to be used.

Besides smoothing the sharp edges (deblocking) and reducing the oscillations that may occur during the playback (dering), you can activate FourCC support, flip the image or enable the compatibility renderer. The latter will deactivate any custom aspect ration you might have selected.

The encoder settings can also be customized using one of the many profiles that are available. Each of those presets can be modified in detail and you will also be able to select one of the encoding types offered by XviD: Single pass, twopass - 1st pass and twopass - 2nd pass. There is also a means of adjusting the quality of the output by moving the dedicated slider to the desired value.

To conclude, with DivX Light Decoder you get quite a lot in a rather small package. All the necessary components that will make any of he supported filetypes play smoothly are present and, as a bonus, you will get a set of tools for some extra tasks.

DivX Light Decoder was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on September 18th, 2013
DivX Light Decoder - The main window of DivX Light Decoder enables users to set the brightness levels and the post=processing preferencesDivX Light Decoder - From the Output Colorspace menu, users can select the preferred options, be it RGV24 or YUY2DivX Light Decoder - The Main Settings window of DivX Light Decoder allows users to set the encoding type and the profile levelDivX Light Decoder - screenshot #4DivX Light Decoder - screenshot #5DivX Light Decoder - screenshot #6DivX Light Decoder - screenshot #7DivX Light Decoder - screenshot #8DivX Light Decoder - screenshot #9

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