DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player)

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Create and play DivX movies, compress videos without sacrificing quality.

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Authoring videos, converting and playing them onto your system requires dedicated software for each of the operations. Nonetheless, if you are dealing with DivX format files, you will be glad to come across a tool like DivX Pro that can help you perform all of these tasks.

The program offers a simple and easy to use interface, which includes media management abilities, video playback, disc authoring and more. Included in the package are, besides the basic player, the necessary codecs and the DivX Web Player that will make possible video playback from within a web browser.

The great thing about DivX Pro is its extended support for features like interactive video menus, superior compression, alternate audio tracks and advanced subtitle options. You can create playlists with the DivX Player, add and manage entire video collections and more.

Insofar as the player component is concerned, the available configurations provide you with the necessary means for preventing any disruptions that may come from screen savers and you can even deactivate the interactive menus if you want to simply load and play a movie.

The sound output can also be customized according to the available speaker configuration. When it comes to video options, DivX Pro offers, through the player utility, several deinterlacing and output methods.

Burning discs using the built-in functionality of this toolkit is a breeze. All you have to do after loading a blank disc in the optical device is simply drag and drop the video file then press 'Burn'. Optionally, you can set a volume name that will be displayed by any player when you insert the disc authored with DivX Pro.

All in all, this package offers everything you would need when dealing with DivX videos, whether you want to play them, create them or write the movies onto a CD or DVD.

DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 15th, 2013
DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player) - The main window allows you to add the video you want to use.DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player) - The Prefrences window allows you to manage the global settings.DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player) - The Playback window helps you to control the playback loop and the interactive video menus.DivX Pro (incl. DivX Player) - The Advanced Options help you manage the global reset and the video output.

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