Media Player Codec Pack Lite

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This lite codec pack for video and audio playback was created to allow you to fully enjoy your multimedia files on your computer

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Watching movies and listening to music on a PC are very common activities, but they would be nearly impossible in the absence of the proper codecs and filters to decode the streams, especially for the more rare multimedia file types.

To help users who may need some special components for enjoying full playback capabilities, software solutions like Media Player Codec Pack Lite were developed.

Multifaceted setup procedure

Some would think installing a codec pack is a very simple task, but if this essential aspect is taken lightly, you might end up with more than you bargained for. It is very important to choose the type of setup and pay attention to potential unwanted additions that may be bundled with the actual codecs you want.

The setup for Media Player Codec Pack Lite allows you to pick each item manually, so it is worth spending a few minutes to make the correct choices, rather than having to go through the whole process again in case you missed something in the first place.

Many filters and file associations

The setup can be completed with a single click, but it is not advisable to proceed before at least glancing at what is going to be installed. There are numerous multimedia codecs awaiting to be selected, as well as some extras, like a couple of filters and splitters which can be useful for editing as well.

With Media Player Codec Pack Lite is is also possible to decide the particular video, audio and even tracker file formats that will be opened automatically by Windows Media Player (WMP).

Overall, an average set of codecs

All things considered, this collection of filters and codecs is pretty basic and there are many other components that could have been included in the set. Nonetheless, for those who use WMP as their default player, Media Player Codec Pack Lite could be helpful and extend the range of supported formats.

Media Player Codec Pack Lite was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 15th, 2015
Media Player Codec Pack Lite - Media Player Codec Pack Lite will provide you with playback support for all kinds of multimedia formats.Media Player Codec Pack Lite - The pack offers splitters and filters such as Haali Splitter with AVI, MP4, OGM and TS support.Media Player Codec Pack Lite - From the Associate Videos Files you can select BDMV (BluRay/AV/VCHD), EVO (HD-DVD), MKV, MP4 and OGM formats.Media Player Codec Pack LiteMedia Player Codec Pack LiteMedia Player Codec Pack Lite

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