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A collection of major codecs that ensures you will be able to playback and enjoy all available multimedia files, video and audio

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Video and audio playback on each system depend on the installed codecs and filters which allow the multimedia players in use to decode the streams. Since there are many bundles that pack a lot of encoders and decoders, some even include standalone players as well, it's only a matter of personal taste when choosing the right one.

Media Player Codec Pack Plus is one of the collections that brings together all the needed components to work together and offer users seamless playback for almost any multimedia format they might want to try.

The installation of this bundle is the main thing you should focus on because it allows you to pick which codecs and filters you want to have onto your PC. The list is quite long as it bears not only the necessary video and audio components, but also some extras that may prove useful.

The recommended player, which goes along best with these codecs is Media Player Classic and it can also be installed with Media Player Codec Pack Plus as it is included in the package. The most often used and reliable filters are present as well, so you can have them all set up at once.

Image and sound become available through XviD Encoder, ffdshow, x264 Encoder, AC3 Filter, Lame MP3 or DivX Audio, to name only a few of the components that you can find in this bundle. A couple of source splitters and other filters are also at your disposal, while video and audio file associations can be selected on the spot.

There are some configuration utilities which you can opt to have installed, like the Codec Settings GUI, a most useful interface that helps in the detailed customization of the on-board codecs. On the whole, Media Player Codec Pack Plus seems to be indeed a good solution for anyone who needs a simple way to make the system fully compatible with multimedia content of various types.

Media Player Codec Pack Plus was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 8th, 2015
Media Player Codec Pack Plus - Media Player Codec Pack Plus provides you with a large variety of decoders for your media files as well as an additional player.Media Player Codec Pack Plus - The codec pack also offers LAV Audio, Lame MP3 and DivX Audio codecs and filters.Media Player Codec Pack Plus - From the Other Filters menu, you can select xy-VSFilter and CDXA Reader, as well as formats that will be associated with the video files.Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #4Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #5Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #6Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #7Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #8Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #9Media Player Codec Pack Plus - screenshot #10

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