PICVideo M-JPEG Codec

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A Microsoft Video for Windows Codec that is designed to provide advanced settings for the users who need to view or save Motion-JPEG movies

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PICVideo M-JPEG Codec is an encoding solution that aims to provide you with increased speed and advanced configuration tools compared with other encoders. The package also includes a decoder which enables you to watch movies that use the Motion-JPEG technology.

Motion-JPEG is a video format that is used by multiple recording devices due to the encoding system that requires simple and cost-efficient hardware. It encodes each frame as a JPEG image which provides high quality compared with other available formats.

However, working with MJPEG files requires significant storage capacity and not all media players offer native support for this format. This codec aims to help you use the files in professional editing software and optimize the output size.

In order to optimize the video file, the user has the possibility to adjust multiple parameters. Thus, you can change the luminance and the chrominance for the captured movie by accessing the Codec Configuration Tool.

Additionally, you can modify the compression settings which enable you to create a balance between the image quality and the required disk capacity. You can also modify the subsampling type in order to fine-tune the video quality.

When using the codec to play Motion-JPEG movies, the user can adjust the brightness and contrast to control the image appearance. Moreover, the Configuration Tool enables you to swap fields and use the YUV color space.

If the configurations listed above do not mean much, you probably do not need this codec installed on your computer. However, the users who frequently need to encode and edit MJPEG files can use this tool for tuning the video parameters according to their needs.

Since there are multiple free codecs that support the Motion JPEG format, casual users should stick with them. The PICVideo M-JPEG Codec is designed for professionals who want to improve their results.

PICVideo M-JPEG Codec was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 15th, 2013
PICVideo M-JPEG Codec - The PICVideo M-JPEG Codec can be configured by adjusting the luminance, chrominance and other advanced settings.

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