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A lightweight version of QuickTime

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QuickTime Lite or in short, QT Lite was designed as a replacement for Apple’s already popular product. It’s a trimmed down version of the multimedia framework, able to play QT content embedded in webpages.

QuickTime Lite acts, in many ways, similar to a codec pack and bundles an ActiveX plugin, as well as components for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Netscape and Opera. These plugins facilitate access to MOV and QuickTime files over the Internet.

Using QuickTime Lite, you can also play these types of files inside a media player. Some of them, such as Media Player Classic or Zoom Player are able to process QT content without additional filters, but others require DirectShow filters. In this case, you can use a codec pack such as K-Lite in order to ready your OS for QuickTime files.

QuickTime Lite relies on an easy installation process that requires under a minute to complete. Prior to its deployment, you should uninstall other versions of QuickTime in order to avoid conflicts. However, if QuickTime is detected on your computer, the software notifies you accordingly and urges you to remove it in order to continue with the installation.

Even though designed as an alternative to QuickTime, the software relies on Apple’s Application Support in order to deploy the plugins successfully and if the service is not present on your PC, it installs it automatically.

Since it’s designed as a collection of plugins, there is no interface to this little program. Instead, you can take a look at the Preferences window, which is exactly the same as in QuickTime, if your’re familiar with it. Here, you can adjust options related to audio playback, synthesizer, streaming speed / transport and media encoding.

QuickTime Lite is not the only product on the market that succeeds to implement QT playback capabilities. Another software that deals with this job is QuickTime Alternative, which sports the exact same components but adds Media Player Classic to the installation package.

QuickTime Lite (QT Lite) was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 4th, 2013
QuickTime Lite (QT Lite)QuickTime Lite (QT Lite)QuickTime Lite (QT Lite)QuickTime Lite (QT Lite)

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