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A handy package that contains the latest releases of some of the most commonly used and required codecs to enjoy your favorite videos in high-quiality

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Video technology has greatly evolved throughout the years, with special and more advanced programs needed to render the highest quality images to the end user. These are codecs, and nowadays are found in bundles that contain most popular formats for enhanced compatibility. One such codec pack is SAF, promising to deliver the means to play most advanced video formats.

Brief overview of elements

Right from the first step in the installation process you are able to see all utilities contained in the package. Amongst others, you'll come across LAV Filters, GraphStudioNext, Filmerit and a few more, like a DirectX update. With each “Next” button pressed, your computer is checked for other such installed components or if updates are required.

Minimum effort required

The application does not put a central control panel at your disposal, nor an interface to work with. If used for general and leisure purposes, a simple deployment of the package is enough to make most popular video formats play on your configuration.

Advanced configuration menus

However, advanced users are probably aware that most codecs come with individual configuration menus. FFDShow, for example, lets you adjust association settings, profiles, which filters to use, subtitle configurations and more. All of these settings are stored in a simple and well-organized window.

What's more, the bundle automatically creates a folder on your desktop that contains shortcuts to several codec configurations. This comes in handy if you want to change filters to be applied when decoding, set output formats, RGB levels, or whether or not to GPU / Hardware deinterlacing.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that SAF can put you up to date with some of the most commonly used video utilities so you can enjoy nearly any video format there is. Intervention on your behalf is minimal, with the only requirement being deployment, while constant updates make the bundle handy overall.

SAF was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 30th, 2014
SAF - SAF is a codec package that will install multiple codecs in order to help you play videos on your PC.

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