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This is a tool to convert your AVI/DivX files to VCD/SVCD or DVD format

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The creation of DVDs usually takes place in professional environments. But then, with the vast selection of DVD making software available on the market, anyone – and I mean it – can easily “build” one from scratch. All you need is raw material (media files in our case) and one item of the endless “do-DVD” list. Let's take Super DVD Creator for instance and see whether it lives up to its entitlement.

The sleek interface of this application will welcome you after a hassle-free installation process. Its layout is quite well-organized, although the focus could have easily been switched to the functions instead of the large logo. Super DVD Creator provides two modes of dealing with the task of turning your raw material into a nicely done end product.

The more simple mode can be accessed once we click on the DVD Disc Builder button. This will take us to the first step of the wizard. You can easily build and manage your list of video files as well as trim times for each and every added clip and it successfully works with any popular video format. The application also supports subtitles, so don't forget to add them to your source files – all it takes is a push of a button, SRT subtitle and the proper language and font size selection.

Switching between aspect ratios and DVD-5 to DVD-9 types is instantly done. The next wizard screen brings your files to the DVD menu and allows us to swiftly select and preview the background. Adding titles and music to your menu will not require more than a few seconds. We're given the possibility to create a DVD chapter menu and even change the preview image with one of our choice.

We now have everything sorted out and that takes us to the final stage – the actual DVD creation step of the wizard. Simply select your burner, the desired write speed and its volume name. Go on and press `Start` or tweak your DVD a bit more by picking between NTSC or PAL format and High Quality or Speed. You can have your end product in up to 20 minutes for DVD-5 and double the time for DVD-9, according to the size of your project.

Super DVD Creator also provides a modular approach to the task. Truth be told, it's exactly the same thing – convert your files to VOB format, author your DVD and then burn it. The speed of execution and the clean, friendly and feature-rich interface make this one a winner.

Super DVD Creator was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on October 28th, 2011
Super DVD Creator - Super DVD Creator will provide users with a tool to convert your AVI/DivX files to VCD/SVCD or DVD formatSuper DVD Creator - The Setup Source Clips window will offer a list of options like Auto Add Letter Box or Create DVD MenuSuper DVD Creator - Users will be able to add subtitles for each and every loaded movie clip within the Subtitle Property windowSuper DVD Creator - screenshot #4Super DVD Creator - screenshot #5Super DVD Creator - screenshot #6Super DVD Creator - screenshot #7Super DVD Creator - screenshot #8Super DVD Creator - screenshot #9Super DVD Creator - screenshot #10

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