VP7 Video Codec Personal Edition

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A handy and useful video codec that you can integrate within compatible hosts so as to compress your data according to the configuration you set up

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VP7 Video Codec Personal Edition is a specialized piece of software that is best used only by experienced users who want to alter the compression settings of their videos.

Novices might have a hard time figuring out its functions, once the codec has been integrated within compatible apps.

Easy-to-install compression codec

VP7 Video Codec Personal Edition can be installed within multimedia solutions that support the Windows video formats, such as VirtualDub or Adobe Premiere. The main advantage is that you do not need to tamper with any complicated settings as the entire setup process is automated.

Once the installation has been completed successfully, you can set your digital processing application to use this codec as the default one for creating compressed AVI streams.

Video codec with customizable compression settings

If you have expert skills regarding video tweaking, you can go ahead and modify the standard settings of the codec so as to adapt it to your precise requirements.

For instance, you can modify the encoding speed and mode, as well as the bitrate, noise reduction value and the sharpness. Furthermore, you can enable or disable quantizer adjustments then specify the minimum and maximum values.

Reliable codec for compressing and encoding videos

All in all, VP7 Video Codec Personal Edition can prove quite useful to all those who are familiar with adjusting the datarate, resampling values or the bitrate of their clips.

On the downside, the codec has not been updated in a long time, so you might come across bugs and errors while using it - alternatively, you can look for another similar codec that is in continuous development.

VP7 Video Codec Personal Edition was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 17th, 2014
VP7 Video Codec Personal EditionVP7 Video Codec Personal EditionVP7 Video Codec Personal EditionVP7 Video Codec Personal Edition