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Convert videos with ease using this comprehensive piece of software that offers you a wide range of settings and an embedded video editor

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A's Video Converter is an application aimed to provide you with a simple and efficient means of converting video files located on your computer. It’s a tool that uses AMD, Intel and Microsoft encoders and supports DirectShow Video Capture and Audio Capture.

Easy to use video converter

A's Video Converter displays a user-friendly interface which should be easy for you to use even if you’re not that familiar to these sorts of programs. The only thing you do have to know a bit about are the encoding parameters which you can change.

The application enables you to modify the number of threads, rate control, target and max bitrate, GOP size, aspect ratio, profile as well as level and it’s a good idea to know what you're changing so you actually end up obtaining the video file you want instead of ruining it.

From the main window of the application you are able to load multiple files, choose the destination for the new videos, adjust their parameters and then click the ‘Start’ button. That’s all it takes and depending on the size of the clips, the entire process shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Built-in video player and editor

A's Video Converter enables you to preview the clips before you get to convert them and make sure that the settings you apply are the correct ones. A clever thing about it is that you are able to watch both the input video and the output one, making it easy to spot eventual flaws.

In case there are some things you would like to change about the clip, the application offers you a basic video editor. You can use it to slice the videos into smaller segments or merge files that are loaded in the main window, among other things.

Batch transcode video files

To sum things up, A's Video Converter is a nice tool to have and it can prove to be helpful when you want to convert videos, especially since it supports multiple simultaneous transcoding tasks.

A's Video Converter was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
A's Video Converter - A's Video Converter allows you to select the files you want to encode / decode.A's Video Converter - You can use the Start menu to select the number of simultaneous transcodings and priority.A's Video Converter - A's Video Converter is an application that can be used to view and edit video files.A's Video Converter - screenshot #4A's Video Converter - screenshot #5A's Video Converter - screenshot #6A's Video Converter - screenshot #7

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