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A useful collection of codecs, filters and tools that you can install on your computer for playing multimedia files, with support for different installation modes

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ACE Mega CoDecS Pack is a comprehensive codec pack that includes several codecs, video and audio filters and utilities that allow you to play any multimedia format out there.

Installation process

Setting it up, however, is not at all easy. The installation process usually takes a few minutes, but you might need a couple of seconds to read all the instructions and decide which components should be installed.

Different installation modes

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack offers you several installation modes, amongst which the simplest one is "Just Play." This is the most basic deployment package, while the Professional mode includes basically everything and provides all the means for a clean and smooth media playback experience.


During our test we encountered absolutely no compatibility issue, but we highly recommend you to close all video or audio players before starting the setup process because keeping them open might block the installation of certain files.

Additional tools included in the package

Besides the codecs, ACE Mega CoDecS Pack also includes BS.Player to help you play all multimedia files, but also a number of useful utilities, such as tag editors, video converters, file mergers, DivX validators and Windows media diagnostic tools.

In addition, the installer may also drop multiple presets on your computer, as well as an antivirus module, a quick remove tool plus Media Player Classic Edition for media playback.

Bottom line

Overall, ACE Mega CoDecS Pack is definitely a smart choice, but it's addressed mainly to advanced computer users looking to make the most out of their multimedia files. Beginners can benefit from it too, especially that less complex bundles are available during the installation process.

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
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