DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper

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Converts DVDs to various video formats with high quality output quality

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As its name implies, DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper is an application that allows you to rip DVD movies and convert them to AVI, DivX, XVid and x264. It can be used even by less experienced individuals.

The interface of the application is plain and pretty simple to navigate through. You can import a DVD movie by using the folder view. Unfortunately, you cannot process multiple DVD clips in a single session.

In the file list you can check out the name, time segment, total duration, progress and default output file name of the DVD clip and its chapters. Once the output directory and profile are established, you can proceed with the conversion procedure, with the default settings.

But audio and video modifications can be made when it comes to the sample rate, frame rate, resolution, resize mode, mux rate, quant matrix and synchronization. Plus, you can set DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper to ignore overwriting messages. Settings can be restored to default.

In addition, you can select the angle, audio track and subtitle language, preview clips in a small, built-in media player and capture frames, as well as trim them by time, size or chapters.

The DVD processing tool requires a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, in order to finish a task in reasonable time. It has a good response time and can be set to open the output directory or to power off the computer after conversion. The output videos have a fair image and sound quality but there is no help file available. Plus, you cannot specify the number of CPU cores to be used.

DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on November 26th, 2012
DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper - Insert your DVD ancd configure the Output video settings, select the target directory and run the DVD.DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper - You can also change the video and audio settings of the application in the DVD Set menu.DVD XViD / X264 / DivX / AVI Ripper - You will also be able to customize the resolution, the Zoom and AVI settings.

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