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User-friendly program that helps you convert popular media files to RM / RMVB file format using batch operations, while offering support for a rich suite of configuration settings

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Easy RealMedia Producer is a nifty tool designed to convert popular media formats to RM/RMVB files. It can process files in batches with individual conversion settings for each of them.

RM/RMVB is a RealMedia proprietary container, designed for publishing video files, and it is particularly popular among Anime and Asian movies. It has a smaller size and lower bitrate, but amazing quality in comparison with DivX, for example.

Tweaks during installation

The installation process is easy to follow; the full package includes a subtitle tool, a video splitter, and various codecs, but you can deselect any of those third-party tools if you don’t fancy them.

Clean feature lineup

When you initiate the program, you are prompted to configure global settings (language, log creation, style). The user interface is simple, standard, but highly intuitive. In the main window you simply add the file(s) you wish to convert, and then hit the start button.

From the Settings window, you can configure audio and video code / mode, filters (e.g. video noise reduction), clip info, and output destination.


During our tests, the application got stuck several times when we attempted to drag and drop files to be converted, and we had to restart it. But other than that, it worked well and conversion was performed in a timely fashion.

Bottom line

In conclusion, if you don't mind the not-so-impressive user interface but are excited about a fast conversion tool for RM/RMVB output files, Easy RealMedia Producer might be the perfect fit for you.

Easy RealMedia Producer was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Easy RealMedia Producer - Easy RealMedia Producer will help you convert popular media files into RM / RMVB files in batchesEasy RealMedia Producer - The Encode Settings window will allow users to customize the audio / video stream by their own likingEasy RealMedia Producer - The RealVideo 10/9 Codec Properties window will provide users with Encoder general / New RC / Inloop filter optionsEasy RealMedia Producer - The Global Settings will display options regarding the Style and Core Settings

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