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Free WebM to AVI Converter is an easy to use Windows application that does exactly what its name says: it converts WebM videos to the AVI format.

Video conversion tools are usually a bit more complex, providing multiple configuration options concerning the output format and its quality, size and compression.

Well, Free WebM to AVI Converter is a bit different because it’s the kind of application supposed to take care of the whole job automatically, so users have basically nothing else to do than to choose the files to be processed.

The interface has a great contribution to the overall simplicity of the app, as it keeps things very simple with a very clean layout.

Adding files to the conversion list can be done either by using the dedicated “Add” button in the main window or with drag and drop, while the output folder can be configured using the separate option at the bottom of the window.

While the conversion engine seems to be fast and reliable, Free WebM to AVI Converter provides no configuration options for the output AVI file. The standard settings are good enough though, with an overall quality very close to the original.

All in all, Free WebM to AVI Converter is a handy piece of software that also offers batch conversion, with a very simple interface and a fairly intuitive approach. Rookies can use it without any risk, although those more experienced could be a bit disappointed by the lack of configuration settings.

Free WebM to AVI Converter was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 13th, 2012
Free WebM to AVI Converter - This is the main window of Free WebM to AVI Converter where you will be able to add the video files you wish to convert.

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